Kenwood BM366 Breadmaker

The Kenwood BM366 breadmaker, with brushed stainless steel exterior, is an attractive model that doesn’t look out of place on a kitchen worktop. It has some interesting features such as a fan assisted baking method, ECO programme and a variety of...


Kenwood BM450 Bread Maker Review

The Kenwood BM450 is one of the most popular bread makers in the UK. It is marginally more expensive than models such as the Kenwood BM260, but has a number of additional features such as automatic dispenser, touch screen functionality and a faster...


Kenwood BM260 Bread Maker Review

At the time of writing the Kenwood BM260 breadmaker is the latest in a long line of Kenwood bread machines. It’s a relatively expensive model, although it has a number of features including a fan assisted baking system and settings for various...