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The Andrew James Premium Bread Maker is a new contender but has a number of advanced features. Not to mention it bakes great bread!

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The Andrew James Premium Bread Maker is an interesting looking device to say the least! With its sleek curves, LCD screen and stylish design it’s certainly one of the most attractive bread makers on the market at the moment. Its RRP makes it one of the most expensive bread makers, and for this price it can’t compete with models such as the Panasonic SD2501WXC, Kenwood BM450 and even the slightly cheaper Panasonic SD-2500WXC. Fortunately, this bread maker often retails for much less, and at this price point it’s a more viable option.

Andrew James Premium Bread Maker Features

The Andrew James breadmaker has many of the features that you’d expect from a mid-range bread machine, and some that you wouldn’t! There’s no doubting that it’s an extremely versatile device, with programmes for cakes, pizza dough and jam along with the standard bread cycles.

There are two bread size settings available, 700g and 900g. If you need a larger loaf than this then you’ll need to choose a different machine. The Andrew James Premium Bread Maker does let you choose the colour of the crust, a feature which isn’t available on cheaper models such as the Morphy Richards 48330.

One of the most exciting features of this bread maker is the automatic nut and raisin dispenser. The automatic dispenser means you don’t have to worry about adding ingredients at exactly the right time during the baking cycle – it’s all handled for you automatically. This feature usually isn’t available for bread makers in this price range, and certainly makes the machine an attractive option compared to competing models.

Included with the device are a single measuring cup and spoon, bread pain and a mixing blade. An instruction manual, containing several recipes, is also included.

The bread maker has a 16 hour delay timer which is one of the longest available with any machine at the moment. This makes it easy to set up the ingredients the night before and wake up to fresh bread early the next morning.

Other features of the Andrew James Premium Bread Maker include a viewing window (another feature that isn’t found in all bread makers), 12 different programmes and an hour keep warm function.

Andrew James Premium Bread Maker Reviews

The Andrew James Premium Bread Maker with automatic raisin and nut dispenser is a relatively new device so there aren’t many reviews in comparison to other models. The reviews that are available, however, are almost all very pleased with the product. Nearly all mention that the quality of the bread is very high, and that the machine is easy to use, even for someone who’s never baked bread before. The acid test for any bread maker is whether you can setup the device, forget about it and then come back later to a loaf of warm, tasty and fresh bread, and this machine is capable of doing this.

There’s no doubt that the machine is an attractive device, and would look great in any modern kitchen. This is backed up by online reviews, with several reviewers talking about how pleased they are with the appearance of the product. While this might seem like a superficial concern, it’s important to buy an attractive bread maker if it’s going to be permanently on your kitchen work surface.

Andrew James Premium Bread Maker Rating And Conclusion

We’ve awarded the Andrew James Premium Bread Maker with automatic dispenser four out of five stars, based on the fact that it has a high RRP. For this price we’d probably advise going with the SD2501WXC. If you can find it on offer, however, then we highly recommend this bread maker.

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4 Comments/Reviews

  • Deborah says:

    Can anyone tell me if this bread maker has a gluten free programme? I am seriously thinking of buying one but need to know if it does gluten free.
    Thank you

  • val lloyd says:
    4 stars

    I have this machine to enable me to make bread without dairy additives.
    There is a Gluten Free program but I have not tried it. I hope this helps you

  • Alistair Morrison says:

    I bought the Andrew James bread maker last October and this was a big mistake.The bread was solid and did not rise properly.I tried different options and consulted internet recipes, putting the yeast sugar and water in first made a slight difference but not enough to make the bread edible.I complained to the company and they gave me a replacement which was exactly the same.I could not get a refund after 30 days. I have now got a Panasonic which makes fantastic bread.Please take note anyone considering the Andrew James bread maker save yourself the trouble and money as it is completely useless. My rating is minus 10.

  • Ali Campbell says:

    I agree with the previous comment. My parents bought me this bread machine for Christmas – I have tried various mixtures and followed the recipes exactly, I even bought ready mixed bread ingredients and after the rising stage the bread has always come out flat and inedible. The biggest waste of money ever!

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