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The Kenwood BM260 is a solid bread maker with features such as fan assisted baking, 11 programmes and a fast bake cycle.

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At the time of writing the Kenwood BM260 breadmaker is the latest in a long line of Kenwood bread machines. It’s a relatively expensive model, although it has a number of features including a fan assisted baking system and settings for various loaf sizes. In this Kenwood BM260 review we’ll discuss the main features of the machine, whether it’s worth the money and how it’s been rated by other buyers.

Kenwood BM260 Features

The Kenwood BM260 bread maker has all the features you’d expect from a mid-high end bread machine, including delay timer and fast bake system. The BM260’s fast bake setting is known as “optimum bake”. We guess that this is meant to signify that although the bread is ready much quicker than normal (as little as 90 minutes) it’s still tasty and of a high quality.

In terms of programmes, the Kenwood BM260 comes with 11 built in. It also has three loaf size settings, allowing you to produce a wide range of different types of bread. A handy recipe book is packaged with the machine (featuring over twenty five different recipes), although you’ll probably want to get a separate book for more interesting recipes.

The normal baking cycle – which Kenwood call “premium” cycle – takes around three hours. If you want the best bread then this is the cycle you’ll need to use. The eco cycle is quicker but produces less dense bread.

At the time of writing there is only one colour available – white – although that might change in the future. The Kenwood BM260 in white looks very professional though (more on that later).

Other features of the Kenwood BM260 include:

  • Fan assisted system for baking
  • Sleek white a grey exterior (made from plastic)
  • Size of 38.2cmx35.4cmx37.2cm, making it a relatively compact bread maker.
  • Programmes for cake and jam.
  • Delay timer is capable of times up to 15 hours (considerably longer than many others on the market).
  • Keep warm function that can heat bread for around an hour.

Kenwood BM260 Reviews

Reviewers of the Kenwood BM260 have, on the whole, been impressed by the device. It is said to make excellent quality bread in a comparatively short time period, which is the most important thing for any bread maker. The texture of the bread is said to be crusty on the outside and soft in the middle, which is most people’s idea of perfect bread! The Eco setting, which is faster, doesn’t produce quite the same density of bread.

The compact size of the BM260 is a bonus for many reviewers, and is especially useful if you have a small kitchen yet want to keep the breadmaker permanently on the work surface. Its sleek design also means it’ll fit nicely into most kitchens. Other positive comments from reviewers include that the machine is able to make jam and cake, it has an LCD screen and is easy to use.

A potential problem that’s been pointed out by several online reviewers is that the machine can be relatively noisy compared to other breadmakers. This is fine most of the time, but it’s something to keep in mind if you want to make use of the delay timer overnight. If your kitchen is near to the bedroom then this could cause problems.

There are other small issues with the Kenwood BM260 according to reviewers, although these are often minor and are outweighed by the positives. An example is the lack of a viewing window which can be useful if you want to see the progress of the bread.

Kenwood BM260 Rating And Conclusion

The Kenwood BM260 bread maker is a solid device that won’t let you down. It lacks some of the more advanced features of other breadmakers, but does the basics very well and is easy to use. The lack of advanced features and high noise levels (according to other reviewers) has lead us to award the BM260 four out of five stars.

Conclusion Rating
3 stars
3 stars
Bread Quality
4 stars

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3 Comments/Reviews

  • mike dixon says:
    3 stars

    A problem I have encountered. The kneading paddle is large compared to most I’ve seen and used. As such it ‘rips’ a fairly large hole in the loaf when turning it out; so much so, that it in effect causes you to lose anything up to a 2 inch slice of bread when trying to cut slices.

  • Celia Oliver says:
    3 stars

    I love the bread quality I get from this, my 3rd breadmaker. However, I find the crust is close to being burnt, even on the lightest crust setting. I’m told,that this can be avoided by using the Eco setting, but why oh why should I loose the quality of the bread. Surely Kenwood should just solve the problem.

  • A wright says:
    1 stars

    My machine burns the cakes on the bottom and upto element level all around. Went in for repair, four months later got it back. Same problem.

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