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The Kenwood BM366 isn't a bad breadmaker, but there are many other better options available.

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The Kenwood BM366 breadmaker, with brushed stainless steel exterior, is an attractive model that doesn’t look out of place on a kitchen worktop. It has some interesting features such as a fan assisted baking method, ECO programme and a variety of loaf settings. In this Kenwood BM366 review, we’ll talk about the main features of the breadmaker, including the programmes it’s capable of and what other reviewers have said about the product.

Kenwood BM366 Features

The stand out feature of the Kenwood BM366 is the fan assisted baking system. This is supposed to bake a more even and consistent loaf.

The ECO baking programme is effectively another name for a fast bake mode. Kenwood claim that the ECO programme, which bakes a loaf in around 85 minutes, not only saves time, but also energy. If you’re concerned about your energy consumption then this may be a useful feature, although it’s not clear whether the BM366 is unique in this respect. It would be interesting to compare the energy consumption of this model with another model with a fast bake function, such as the Morphy Richards 48322.

Other features include 11 different programmes, including settings from white bread to jam and cake, and three loaf settings, ranging from 500g to 1kg loaves. A full recipe book is also included in the package, containing around 25 different recipes.

Kenwood BM366 Reviews

The Kenwood BM366 doesn’t have many online reviews, but unfortunately the ones it does have aren’t that positive. Most of the reviews say that the Kenwood BM366 is a good machine, but nowhere near the quality of a model such as the Panasonic SD-2500 or Kenwood BM450. Some good comments about the model include that it looks good, isn’t too bulky and has a useful window for viewing the bread as it’s baking.

There is one online reviewer who was very disappointed with the product. According to this reviewer, bad features of the product include that it doesn’t produce the same quality of bread as other breadmakers, is very noisy when in operation and that the loaf sizes don’t appear to be accurate.

Kenwood BM366 Rating And Conclusion

We’ve awarded the Kenwood BM366 bread maker 3 out of 5 stars. It isn’t the best breadmaker in the world, but it also isn’t the worst. With that said, we have difficult recommending the product over models such as the Panasonic SD-2501WXC, as the RRPs aren’t that far apart.

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