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The Morphy Richards 48322 is an easy to use breadmaker with a large number of programmes. It also comes with an instruction booklet containing 50+ recipes.

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The Morphy Richards 48322 is another mid range bread maker from the company that brought us the 48330 Daily Loaf and 48321 Everyday breadmaker. This particular model comes with a number of useful features such as delay timer and an LCD display. This review will discuss the main features of the machine, including how it compares to other models in this price range.

Morphy Richards 48322 Features

For the relatively low price the Morphy Richards 48322 bread maker comes with a decent amount of features. The most important for many people will be the 12 hour delay timer, making it possible to set the bread to bake overnight or for later in the day. We always like breadmakers to have slightly longer delay timers than 12 hours to provide greater flexibility (the Andrew James Premium breadmaker, for example, has a 16 hour timer) but this should be more than enough for most cases.

Most modern breadmakers come with a large number of programmes, and the Morphy Richards 48322 is no exception. It has 13 different programmes, ranging from basic bread to cakes and pizza doughs. There are also settings for making marmalades and jams. While these programmes are almost a standard feature of a modern breadmaker, they are still useful to have.

Other features include a viewing window, which lets you see the baking progress without having to open the chamber, and an LCD display. The display is designed to be ergonomic and simple to use, even if you’ve never baked with a breadmaker before. Aside from the bread maker itself, you also get two measuring cups, three measuring spoons and an instruction booklet in the box. There are also three different loaf size settings, along with control over the crust colour. A fastbake function, for when you need your bread in a hurry, is one of the settings available.

Unlike other breadmakers, which often come with a very simple booklet, there are over 50 different recipes included in the instruction booklet. We always advise buying another bread making book for greater variety (and often better recipes) but this is a good way to get started. The instruction book also helps you get to grip with the various functions and programmes of the breadmaker.

Morphy Richards 48322 Reviews

The Morphy Richards 48322 bread maker has received mainly good reviews from people who’ve bought and used it. It is highly recommended by Which magazine, and buyers are generally very pleased with the quality of the product. One reviewer mentions that he immediately was able to bake near perfect loaves, and the recipe book is very useful with good recipes.

Other positive comments about the Morphy Richards 48322 bread maker include that it is very easy to use, the delay timer makes it easy to bake bread overnight and the bread comes out tasting great (the most important thing!).  The bread machine is also said to be easy to clean.

Not all reviews are positive, however, with some reviewers complaining that they find it difficult to bake a good loaf with the machine. These reviews are in the minority though.

Morphy Richards 48322 Rating And Specification

We’ve awarded the Morphy Richards 48322 bread maker four stars. It’s a versatile machine that provides you with a large number of options considering the low price tag. While it lacks some of the more advanced functions of expensive bread makers such as the Panasonic SD25001WXC (gluten free program and fruit/nut dispenser are two examples), it’s perfect if you want to bake tasty loaves of bread easily and quickly.

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