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A solid bread maker with a number of features.

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The Morphy Richards 48324 Ice White breadmaker is futuristic and highly stylish device. It comes with 19 different programs, along with a 12 hour delay timer and a fast bake program.  Considering the similar prices, the Morphy Richards 48324 is definitely a competitor to other options such as the Andrew James Premium Bread Maker and the Kenwood BM260.

Morphy Richards 48324 Features

The Morphy Richards 48324 has most of the standard features that come with modern breadmakers. The 19 different programmes, including pizza dough and jam settings, provide you with many options when it comes to baking bread. If you just want to cook basic white and brown loaves then this is probably overkill, but it’s always nice to have the choice.

Other types of dough that the Morphy Richards 48324 can produce include ciabatta, bagels, croissants, malt loaf and gluten free breads. You also get a choice of three different sizes of loaf, five different settings for crust colour and two programmable settings. This allows you to create a programme that perfectly suits the tastes of your household.

While most of the time the quality of bread is the priority, sometimes we all need a faster loaf. The Morphy Richards 48324 premium plus breadmaker comes with a fast bake setting that bakes a loaf from start to finish in an hour and 25 minutes. This isn’t the fastest option on the market though – the Kenwood BM450 for example can bake a loaf in less than an hour.  Note: Even Morphy Richards seems confused about exactly how long the fast bake cycle takes – their page lists 70 minutes, 85 minutes and 80 minutes all on the same page!

At the other end of the spectrum, the Morphy Richards 48324 Premium Plus also comes with a 12 hour delay timer. This is a fairly common feature of modern bread makers, and the main advantage is that you can set the bread to bake overnight and have it ready for the morning. Most of us don’t have time to bake bread before going to work, so this is a great option if your mornings are usually rushed.

Here’s an overview of the main Morphy Richards 48324 features:

  • 19 programmes, allowing you to bake a variety of different types of bread (includes settings for jam and cakes).
  • Drop down blade, so the breadmaker creates a smooth loaf with no big holes at the bottom.
  • 85 minute fast bake setting.
  • 12 hour delay timer.
  • Non stick pan.
  • Fruit and nut dispenser – add tasty ingredients to your loaf at exactly the right time.
  • Cool touch outer surfaces.
  • Internal light and viewing window.
  • Recipe booklet included (over 40 different recipes).

Morphy Richards 48324 Reviews

As we always recommend at, the best way to get an idea of the quality of a product is to read online reviews from other users. So far, the Morphy Richards 48324 Premium Plus bread machine has achieved a relatively high rating on various review sites, which isn’t a bad score but does hint that there are some downsides to the product.
Firstly, Morphy Richards 48324 reviews seem to suggest that the product bakes a nice loaf – which is the most important thing! The various programmes provide good variation in the types of bread you can bake, and the loaves are said to come out even and shapely. Reviewers also point out that the bread is evenly coloured – which cannot be said about many cheaper bread machines.

Other positive features that are mentioned in reviews include that the machine is stylish, relatively easy to use and designed to be easy to clean. This is a major bonus, especially if you plan on using the machine regularly. The breadmaker also comes with a keep warm feature if you can’t remove the bread immediately after the end of the baking cycle.

There are some downsides though. Some reviewers have reported that the machine isn’t as durable as it should be, and several have suffered from malfunctions. On the whole, the reviews have been very positive though, so these may be isolated incidents.

Morphy Richards 48324 Rating And Conclusion

The Morphy Richards 48324 is a solid breadmaker that does a lot for a relatively low price. We’ve decided to give it four stars, as the bread quality is high and there are a number of programmes included. If you’re willing to pay around £30 more, the Panasonic SD-2500 WXC has a few extra features and produces slightly higher quality bread.

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3 stars
4 stars
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4 stars

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