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Morphy Richards 48330 Daily Loaf Bread Maker Review



The Morphy Richards 48330 is a simple, straightforward and no frills bread maker. While it doesn't have the features to match more expensive models, it's perfect for a two person household on a budget.

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The Morphy Richards 48330 is a low budget bread maker with a relatively low RRP. It’s similar in features to the Russell Hobbs 18036 which we recently reviewed, although if we had to choose between the two we’d go for the Morphy Richards bread machine. Keep reading this Morphy Richards 48330 Daily Loaf review to find out why!

Morphy Richards 48330 Features

The Daily Loaf 48330, as this bread maker is also known, has all the basic features you’d expect from a modern bread maker. A fast bake cycle is included for when you need bread quickly, and there’s a viewing window and LED indicator so it’s always easy to work out how your bread is progressing. It’s obvious that Morphy Richards have gone to great lengths to make the 48330 easy to use, and on the whole it’s worked.

Only five programmes are included with the bread machine which is considerably fewer than other models (such as the Kenwood BM450 for example). There are, however, settings for pizza dough and bread rolls aside from the normal options. A significant omission from the Morphy Richards 48330 bread maker is a delay timer. Nearly all modern bread makers come with a delay timer, including the previously mentioned Russell Hobbs 18036, so it comes as a surprise that this model doesn’t include any sort of timer. Whether this is a major problem for you depends on whether you like the idea of baking bread overnight and having it ready for you in the morning, or whether you don’t mind making bread as and when you need it. It’s also important to be aware that there is only a single loaf size setting: 1lb. If you need a bigger or smaller loaf than this then you’ll need a different machine such as the Panasonic SD2500WXC.

If you don’t need huge amounts of bread, or if you plan on baking daily, then this shouldn’t be a problem. A recipe book is included with the device that contains 15 different recipes. The bread maker is also designed with “cool touch” sides, which prevents the outside surface from heating up dangerously during the baking cycle.

 Morphy Richards 48330 Rating And Conclusion

You might be wondering why we rate the Morphy Richards 48330 bread maker so highly (4 stars) when it seems to lack some basic features such as a delay timer and loaf size settings. The reason is that the main thing you want from a bread maker, especially a low budget option, is tasty, high quality bread that’s easy to bake. The 48330 makes baking bread easy and fun. It also does exactly what it’s meant to do with the minimum of fuss. You don’t get some of the advanced features, but if you want a bread maker that bakes fresh bread with a nice crust at a size that’s perfect for a two person household then you can’t go wrong with this machine. In conclusion, if you’re on a tight budget and need a delay timer or a larger loaf than 1lb then go for the Russell Hobbs 18036. Otherwise the Morphy Richards 48330 is an excellent choice.

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