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Panasonic SD-257WXC Automatic Breadmaker Review



The Panasonic SD-257WXC has been discontinued. It is a fantastic machine if you can still find it though.

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The Panasonic SD-257WXC has been discontinued and replaced by the Panasonic SD-2501WXC. This page will remain here for comparison between the two. The rating for the Panasonic SD-257WXC, originally given five stars, has been reduced to one star to reflect that it is no longer in production.

The Panasonic SD-257WXC has been one of the most popular and well reviewed breadmakers over the last few years. With a wide range of features and easy to use design it’s not difficult to see why. In this Panasonic SD-257WXC review I’ll talk about the main features of the machine along with what reviewers have said about the product.

Panasonic SD-257WXC Features

The SD-257 comes with a number of different programmes (10 to be exact) including basic cycles for bread and dough, French bread, whole wheat, Italian, rye bread and pizza dough. A gluten free mode is also included. Although models such as the Panasonic SD-2500WXC now have more modes, 10 settings of the SD-257 are enough for most people.

A rapid bake option is included, making it easy to produce a loaf of bread (brown or white) in less than two hours. There’s also a sandwich mode, for bread with a thinner crust, and a delay timer.

Other features include settings for bread size (ranging from down to 450g), three settings for crust colour and a raisin and nut dispenser. The latter feature automatically dispenses extra ingredients into the mix when the time is right, making it easy to get more variety from your baking.

Panasonic SD-257WXC Reviews

Reviews of the Panasonic SD-257WXC are nearly all positive, but what specifically do users like about it?

The best thing about the Panasonic SD-257WXC breadmaker seems to be how easy it is to use. You just put in the ingredients, press a few buttons, click start and you’re ready to go. Reviewers also mention how useful the timer is for baking bread in the morning. Other positive comments include that the it’s a relatively compact device, the readout is clear and straightforward to understand and the bread is very tasty.

Many users have owned previous Panasonic bread makers and point out the main improvements of the SD-257WXC. These include that the raisin dropper opens to the side rather than top, preventing a dent in the bread, an extra brioche program and the pan has non-stick coating. These, combined with the excellent pedigree of Panasonic bread machines, make it a fantastic option.

Panasonic SD-257WXC Rating

The Panasonic SD-257WXC breadmaker is worthy of five stars due to its wide range of features, high quality construction and very competitive price point. It’s no longer being produced, however, so we recommend you try the Panasonic SD-2501WXC instead.

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5 stars
5 stars
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