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Russell Hobbs 17887 Fast Bake Breadmaker Review



The Russell Hobbs 17887 has a quick fast bake cycle - 58 minutes to be exact - and a variety of other features. It's also capable of producing a large loaf of bread (3lb).

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The Russell Hobbs 17887 Fast Bread Maker does exactly what its name suggests – bakes bread quickly! This might be slightly misleading though, because although there is a fast make function (which takes just under an hour) the bread maker is capable of much more than just that. This Russell Hobbs 17887 review will go through the main features of the machine along with what other reviewers have thought about it.

Russell Hobbs 17887 Features

With it’s price tag, 17887 is in direct competition to models such as the Morphy Richards Everyday 48321 bread maker. Despite the RRP, it’s often possible to find the machine for a discounted price.

The main feature of the Russell Hobbs 17887 is its fastbake function. You can start the machine on its rapid cycle and come back in less than an hour (58 minutes to be exact) to a fresh loaf of bread. It’s important to keep in mind that you often sacrifice some bread quality when using the fast bake setting on any bread maker.

The breadmaker is capable of baking relatively large loaves of bread. With three loaf sizes (2lb-3lb) you have some choice depending on how many people you have in your household. It also has 11 different programmable settings, allowing you to make basic bread, French bread, cake, jam and pizza dough (amongst others).

An interesting feature of the Russell Hobbs 17887 is that it comes with two kneading blades. According to the sales material, this provides more effective mixing and results in a tastier loaf.

Other features include a crust control setting (dark, medium or light), a 13 hour delay timer for setting your bread to be ready overnight and an easy to use LCD display. A viewing window is also included, making it straightforward to see the progress of your bread without having to open up the machine. The bread pan is designed to be non stick, the outside of the machine is made using cool wall technology and the kneading blades are dishwasher safe. One feature that the Russell Hobbs 17887 lacks compared to slightly more expensive models such as the Morphy Richards 48320 and Panasonic SD-2500WXC is a raisin and nut dispenser.

Russell Hobbs 17887 Reviews

The bread maker has received a large number of reviews, with most of them being very positive. The quality of bread is something that comes up time and again in the reviews, with most reviewers happy with the bread that’s baked by the machine. Several reviewers complain that the recipes do not contain the correct ratios, although this is more an issue with the included booklet rather than the machine itself.

Other positive comments about the machine are that it looks good, is easy to use and produces a well shaped loaf. Reviewers do mention that it can take some experimenting to get a loaf of bread exactly as you want it, but this could be said for nearly all bread makers.

There are a few negative comments by reviewers, although none that seem like a deal breaker. One reviewer does mention that the jam cycle doesn’t allow for large amounts of ingredients.

Russell Hobbs 17887 Ratings And Conclusion

We’ve decided to give the Russell Hobbs 17887 three out of five stars. It’s a decent bread maker with a large number of features, but we believe there are better options on the market for this price, specifically the Morphy Richards 48320.

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