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The Russell Hobbs 18036 packs a huge amount of features into a relatively small price tag. Well worth considering if you're on a budget!

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The Russell Hobbs 18036 is a budget bread maker, with a low RRP (especially compared with models such as the Panasonic SD-2501WXC), yet still manages to pack a large amount of features into this low price. With three different loaf sizes, a fast bake cycle and a 13 hour delay timer the bread machine’s feature list rivals more expensive options. This Russell Hobbs 18036 bread maker review will discuss the main features of the product, what other reviewers have said about it and whether it’s worth the price.

Russell Hobbs 18036 Features

With a low RRP you might expect the Russell Hobbs 18036 breadmaker to only have very basic features. In the past, this price range would get you a basic bread maker without delay timer, loaf sizes or any other options you find on modern machines. Fortunately, even though the Russell Hobbs 18036 can’t match more advanced models such as the Panasonic SD2500WXC or Kenwood BM450 it is more than capable of producing a tasty loaf of bread.

If you often need bread in a hurry then the 55 minute fast bake cycle of the 18036 is a useful feature. Although you sacrifice some bread quality when using a fast bake cycle (the same can be said for any bread maker) you still get a nutritional and fresh loaf in under an hour. At the other end of the scale, the 13 hour delay timer is perfect for overnight baking. You could set up the bread ingredients at 6pm and have it ready to eat at 7am the next morning.

There are 12 programmes ranging from basic bread to wholewheat, pizza dough and French bread. There’s also a jam setting. A fantastic feature is the crust control (allowing you to set light to dark crust depending on your personal tastes) which is usually only available on higher priced models.

To make the process of baking bread as simple as possible, Russell Hobbs have included an LCD display and also a viewing window. There’s even a memory function should there be a power cut during the cycle.

By this point you might be asking what DOESN’T the Russell Hobbs 18036 bread machine have in comparison to more expensive models? One thing that stands out is the lack of a fruit and nut dispenser, although this is only a problem if you mind adding ingredients manually. It’s also probably fair to say that the quality of bread baked by the machine isn’t as high as more expensive models. Extras such as measuring cups and a high quality recipe book also aren’t included.

Here’s a brief overview of the machine’s main features:

  • Up to 13 hour delay timer and a 55 minute fast bake cycle.
  • Easy to use with an LCD display and viewing window.
  • Keep warm setting.
  • Non stick pan  and kneading blade, both of which are safe for dishwashers.

Russell Hobbs 18036 Reviews

Most Russell Hobbs 18036 reviews are extremely positive about the product, with reviewers pleased with the quality of bread and features included considering the relatively low price. The quality of bread is dependent on following the instructions in the recipe book very closely, but it is capable of tasty bread with the minimum of fuss.

One small complaint is that the paddle comes away with the loaf at the end of the cycle, although it is relatively easy to remove. This also isn’t a problem unique this bread maker.

As you’d expect from a budget bread maker, the quality of the machine itself isn’t comparable to higher priced options. There are several stories in reviews of the machine breaking down, although it’s unclear whether these are isolated incidents or something more common. We recommend that you check that warranty for any bread maker before you buy.

Russell Hobbs 18036 Rating And Conclusion

The Russell Hobbs 18036 bread maker is a great option if you’re getting started with bread making and don’t want to spend a huge amount on a machine. It is capable of baking tasty, fresh bread, and has enough settings and programmes for you to customise the loaf to your own tastes. We’ve awarded it three stars as it doesn’t match the quality and feature list of more expensive models, although for value for money it’s one of the best bread makers around.

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  • Mandy Struthers says:

    I have literally just bought one of these and cannot find anywhere in their recipe/instruction booklet details of how to adapt a packet mix.

  • David says:
    4 stars

    Easy to use. Only problem is that, following the right sequence the measuring spoons are wet with oil etc when dry ingredient have to be measured.

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